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So here it is, our Birds and The Beers Spring Beer Festival 2015

Final list 17/04/15


BREWERY            LOCATION                         BEER                                ABV        STYLE
ALLENDALE         NORTHUMBERLAND       WAGTAIL BEST                3.8           N
ALLENDALE         NORTHUMBERLAND       GOLDEN PLOVER              4             L
ALLENDALE         NORTHUMBERLAND       SWIFT                                  4.5         L
ASCOT                 ASCOT                                  PENGUIN PORTER            4.5        D
BATEMANS         WAINFLEET                        X BEEEATER                       3.7         N
BIRD'S                  BROMSGOVE                     NIGHTJAR                           4            N
BOWLAND          CLITHEROE                        HEN HARRIER                    4            N
BOWMAN           DROXFORD                        SWIFT ONE                        3.8        N
BRUNSWICK       DERBY                                 WHITE FEATHER               3.6        L
BUFFY'S                 NORFOLK                           POLLY'S FOLLY                  4.3        D
BUFFY'S                 NORFOLK                           NORWEGIAN BLUE          4.9         N
BYATT'S                 COVENTRY                         PHOENIX GOLD                 4.2        L
CAYTHORPE        CAYTHORPE                       ONE SWALLOW                3.6        L
CHARLES WELLS               BEDFORD            EAGLE IPA                          3.6         N
CONISTON          CONISTON                         BLUEBIRD                          3.6          L
CONISTON          CONISTON                         BLUEBIRD XB                     4.2         L
COPPICE SIDE     HEANOR                             SCARY CROW                    5           L
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 HARRIER                             3.5         L
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 TAWNY OWL                     3.8         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 LONG EARED OWL           4.9         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 UNCLE SAM                       4.3         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 NIGHT OWL                       4.5         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 BARN OWL                         4.5         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 HONEY BUZZARD              4.5         N
COTLEIGH           WIVELSCOMBE                 OLD BUZZARD                   4.8         N
DANCING DUCK                DERBY                  DARK DRAKE                      4.5         D
DANCING DUCK                DERBY                  DUCK'S COURAGE            5             L
DOVE STREET                    IPSWICH              CASTLE RAVEN                  5             D
EARL SOHAM                     DEBENHAM        GANNET MILD                   3.3           D
ELGOODS            WISBECH             BLACK EAGLE IMPERIAL STOUT   8.7           D
ELMTREE             SNETTERTON     BURSTON'S CUCKOO                      3.8           L
EXETER                EXETER                AVOCET                                             3.9           L
FUZZY DUCK       LANCASHIRE       MUCKY DUCK STOUT                     4             D
FUZZY DUCK       LANCASHIRE       PLEASANT PLUCKER                        4.2         N
FUZZY DUCK       LANCASHIRE       RUBY DUCK                                      5.3         N
GOLDSTONE       DITCHING            RUDDY DUCK                                   4.1          D
GOOSE EYE         KEIGHLEY            GOLDEN GOOSE                              4.5           L
GREAT OAKLEY   TIFFIELD              WAGTAIL                                           3.9         L
GREEN DUCK      STOURBRIDGE   DUCK AND DIVE                               5.9         N
HANLONS            DEVON                 YELLOWHAMMER                           4            L
HOOK NORTON HOOK NORTON MERCHANTS MERULA                    5.2         D
HUNTERS            IPPLEPEN             PHEASANT PLUCKER                       4.3         L
ISCA                      DAWLISH             GOLDCREST                                      4.5        L
ISCA                      DAWLISH             BALDEAGLE                                       5           N
LACONS               LOWESTOFT       FALCON                                             4.2         N
LORD CONRAD'S               DRY DRAYTON   PHEASANTS RISE               5           N
LYMESTONE       STONE                  STONE THE CROWS                        5.4         D
MAGPIE               NOTTINGHAM    RAVEN STOUT                                  4.4          D
MAGPIE               NOTTINGHAM    ANGRY BIRD                                     4.4          N
MAGPIE               NOTTINGHAM    JAY PA                                                5.2          L
MALLARD            MAYTHORNE      QUACKED                                          4.1         N
MALLARD            MAYTHORNE      GOLDEN DUCK                                 3.9         L
MAULDONS        SUDBURY            CUCKOO                                            4.3         N
MOUSELOW FARM          DINTING              PLEASANT PHEASANT      4.5         N
MOUSELOW FARM          DINTING              GOSLING XB                       4             L
NETHERGATE     SUDBURY            RED ROOSTER                                  4.5          N
NORTH COTSWOLD         STRETTON           MOORHEN MILD              3.8         D
OAKHAM             PETERBOROUGH              SCARLET MACAW             4.4          L
ORKNEY               ORKNEY               RAVEN                                              3.8          N
ORKNEY               ORKNEY               CORNCRAKE                                     4.1          L
PURITY                 ALCESTER            MAD GOOSE                                     4.2         N
RED ROCK           DEVON                 COCK HOP                                         4.5        N
SCRIBBLERS                       ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST     5.2         N
SHEPHERDS NEAME         FAVERSHAM       EARLY BIRD                        4.3         L
SIMPSONS           HEREFORDSHIRE              GOLDEN COCKEREL         3.7         L
SIMPSONS           HEREFORDSHIRE              RED LEG                              4.2         N
SIMPSONS           HEREFORDSHIRE              BLACK GROUSE                 4.5         D
TURPIN SHIPSTON ON STOUR      ROCK HOPPER PENGUIN               5             L
TWO BEACH       SHELDON                           SHAG                                   4.2         N
VALE                     BRILL                                   BLACK SWAN MILD          3.9         D
VALE                     BRILL                                   RED KITE                             4             N
WILLIAMS           ALLOA                                 BIRDS AND BEES               4.3          L
GEORGE WRIGHT             MERSEYSIDE       BLACK SWAN                     3.8         D
GEORGE WRIGHT             MERSEYSIDE       DRUNKEN DUCK               3.9          L
GEORGE WRIGHT             MERSEYSIDE       CHEEKY PHEASANT          4.7          N
WYLAM NORTHUMBERLAND                      RED KITE                             4.5          N
Oakham - Bishops FarewellBatemans  - XBNethergate - Priory MildNethergate - Suffolk CountyTitanic - White StarTitanic - plum porterTitanic - First ClassTitanic - Cherry darkOakham - Bishops FarewellBatemans  - XBNethergate - Priory MildNethergate - Suffolk CountyTitanic - White StarTitanic - plum porterTitanic - First ClassTitanic - Cherry dark

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