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Bright, new artist Kel Elliott is not only a singer and a writer, but a double bass player too...she is a singing double bass playing writer, to be precise.
Born into a long line of musicians, her flair is half inherited, and half influenced by artists such as Tom Waits, Michelle Shocked and Bonnie Raitt, and inspired by contemporaries such as Madeleine Peyroux, Kt Tunstall and Norah Jones.

Kel writes songs that have a fresh optimistic sound, her lyrics are poetic and clever and have an intimate, ardent charm. Her style is very much bluesy jazz, with catchy melodies and an infectious groove.

Kel's vocals are distinctly rich and powerful, ballsy and sweet, but it is the impressive combination of voice and double bass that sets her apart from her contemporaries.
"Can it be true ??....well written songs sung "LIVE" while playing great lines on bass (I can't even talk and play) and all with such great enthusiasm and love for performing...Yes it's true !!.. check out Kel Elliott a unique and original artist that gets me grinning with pleasure.. She swings and plays and sings in tune too...blimey!! there's a thing"
(Danny Thompson)
"Kel's upbeat tales of life and lost love are light-hearted and infectious� A star in the making"
(Musicians Union Magazine)

"A singer-songwriter with the unusual distinction of being a double bass player; her songs are upbeat in every sense - lyrically optimistic and musically infectious. Stylistically, the sound is richly produced bluesy'll be hearing more about Kel"
(The Performing Rights Society)

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