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Adrian Byron Burns

Adrian Byron Burns


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Adrian is one of those rare breed of musicians who is dedicated to keeping music as an art. He believes that the music industry has become overcrowded with people wanting to make their fortunes by utilising image and deception instead of playing music from the heart and soul. He also believes that the media are doing their upmost to kill decent music. Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass and Folk are treated as minority interests (In England especially!) and not as cultural landmarks to guide both the public and young musicians into new realms of understanding and self-expression. Pop has become the over abiding monster laying waste to virtually everything in it's path.  

He believes in the grassroots of music. We constantly hear wonderful musicians who never get media attention and are kept outside of the public's gaze, except for those who still make the effort to go to festivals and read those small and valiant publications that are dedicated to non-pop genres.  

A dedicated believer in Acoustic Music and the power of one voice to still have relevance, Adrian often plays in places where he is the sole solo performer the establishment has featured. He wants to see an upsurge in acoustic music and hopes that the American trend for House Concerts takes off on this side of the Atlantic as well!!

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